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#Encrochat Scots gangster 'The Captain' jailed for part in drugs, guns and dirty cash cartel

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Paul Fleming was "right hand man" to James White (pictured), AKA "The Don", who took over the crime importation empire when James and Barry Gillespie disappeared in Brazil in 2019.

Paul Fleming admitted running a major cocaine importation and distribution racket, using a fake solar panels company to flood the country with narcotics, and laundering dirty money by converting it into designer watches.

Fleming, 39, was right-hand man to James "The Don" White, who took over the global network after the disappearance of kingpin brothers James and Barry Gillespie, aged 50 and 46, in Brazil in 2019..

Fleming's jailing is the latest linked to Police Scotland's Operation Escalade sting. White, 46, was sent to prison for nine years 10 months last week.

But two intelligence-led Police Scotland operations, Operation Fertile and Operation Buggy, revealed the full extent of Fleming’s involvement. The court heard Fleming left Scotland for Spain with his family in October 2018 after he and his wife were arrested.

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