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Encrochat Secret gang messages of SnowEmu, SacredMask and MancJoey that brought them down

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Gangs across Liverpool were dismantled when police hacked the messages criminals thought they'd never see.

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Drug dealers were brought down across Liverpool over hacked messages they thought police would never read.

Gangs were being dismantled by officers who now have access to secret communication between criminals.

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Encrochat services were cracked by police last year leading to the arrests of hundreds of people in Europe who were using the services to commit crime.

More information:

As a result, four Merseyside men were jailed last week for their part in drug supply and organised crime. All three used handles or "code names" on the service to mask their identities but were later traced back.

Michael Townsend, also known as SacredMask, was involved in the multi-kilo supply of cannabis to various contacts.

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DigitalBank Vault advantages Vs. Encrochat and other 'secure communication devices'

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