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#Encrochat: The FBI managed a network of 12,000 encrypted devices in the hands of criminals

Anom had gained popularity after authorities dismantled messengers EncroChat et Sky ECCand offered features like the ability to remotely wipe the contents of the device or set up a special password, which the owner can give under duress instead of the password real to activate a function that notifies its contacts. In total, there were more than 12,000 devices in circulation, belonging to 300 criminal syndicates in around 100 countries.

Authorities searched more than 700 residences, and seized more than 8 tons of cocaine, 2 tons of amphetamine and methamphetamine, 22 tons of cannabis250 firearms feu and $48 million in liquid et cryptocurrencies. The operation is the result of cooperation between 16 countries, including European countries, United StatesCanada, Australia and New Zealand.

The police of 16 countries have just succeeded in the operation ” the most sophisticated in the world ” against the criminal networks. Some 800 suspects belonging to the mafia, motorcycle gangs, drug trafficking networks and many others have been arrested across the globe. The operation was called Trojan ShieldShield of Troy ”), or Ironside in Australia.

The crackdown was made possible by Anom, a system of special devices containing encrypted messaging, which traded on the black market for around $2,000. Far from guaranteeing secure exchanges, servers were actually run by and the FBI who had been using it to spy on criminal networks since 2019. The authorities thus had access to 27 million messages exchanged between criminals.



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