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#Encrochat: The Rise of CCPR The Albanian Mafia's Latest Encrypted Messaging App Defies Authorities

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The Rise of CCPR: Albanian Mafia's Latest Encrypted Messaging App Defies Authorities


In the ever-evolving landscape of organized crime and digital communication, criminal organizations are continuously seeking new ways to maintain their operations under the radar of law enforcement. The Albanian Mafia, notorious for its involvement in various criminal activities across Europe and beyond, has taken a bold step by developing its own encrypted messaging app called CCPR. This move comes in the wake of the compromised security of previous encrypted platforms like Encrochat and SkyECC, forcing criminal organizations to adapt and innovate to stay ahead of law enforcement efforts.

The Encrochat and SkyECC Debacle

Encrochat and SkyECC were once touted as impenetrable encrypted messaging platforms, providing a sense of security for criminals to communicate without fear of interception. However, the tables turned when law enforcement agencies managed to infiltrate and dismantle these platforms, leading to a wave of arrests and seizures across criminal networks. This significant blow to their secure communication methods prompted criminal organizations, including the Albanian Mafia, to seek alternative ways to maintain their covert communications.

The Birth of CCPR

In the aftermath of the Encrochat and SkyECC hacks, the Albanian Mafia decided to take matters into their own hands. They turned to Russian hackers, known for their expertise in the digital realm, to develop a custom end-to-end encrypted messaging app tailored to their needs. The result was CCPR, a discreet communication tool that has since become a staple for their secret communications across Europe and beyond.

Features and Functionality

CCPR, short for "Criminal Communication and Privacy Revolution," was designed with utmost secrecy and security in mind. This app boasts end-to-end encryption, ensuring that only the intended recipients can decipher the messages sent between them. The application was deliberately created to be challenging for authorities to hack, with its servers strategically located in Russia. This geographical choice complicates the legal and technical hurdles faced by law enforcement agencies attempting to breach its security.

Motorola Devices and Unique Operating System

For further security, CCPR is exclusively installed on Motorola devices that are dedicated solely to top-secret text messaging. These devices are chosen for their reliability and relative obscurity compared to more mainstream smartphones. Additionally, CCPR utilizes a unique operating system that sets it apart from the platforms and tools commonly used by law enforcement for digital forensic extraction. This uniqueness poses a formidable challenge for authorities attempting to extract data from confiscated devices.

Challenges for Law Enforcement

While a few devices equipped with CCPR have been seized from apprehended criminals associated with the Albanian Mafia, extracting information from these devices has proven to be an arduous task for law enforcement agencies. The combination of outdated hardware models, a custom operating system, and secure servers based in Russia presents significant obstacles to digital forensic experts seeking to penetrate the app's security.


The development and adoption of CCPR by the Albanian Mafia highlights the ongoing cat-and-mouse game between criminal organizations and law enforcement. In the face of significant setbacks such as the Encrochat and SkyECC hacks, these organizations have proven their adaptability by creating their own custom encrypted messaging platform. The challenges posed by CCPR, including its secure infrastructure and unique operating system, demand innovative solutions from law enforcement agencies worldwide. As technology continues to evolve, so too will the strategies and methods employed by both sides in this high-stakes battle for control over digital communication.

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