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#Encrochat the sulphurous connections between French and Dutch “narcos”

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He called himself “Partymaster”. The game orchestrated by this Dutchman was, according to the European police, large-scale cocaine trafficking. Jamal B., 31, was a target “of a very high international standard”, a baron of the criminal groups of the Mocro Maffia, which his family disputes, living between Dubai and Andalusia, in Spain, where he had luxurious habits. It was there, at the bend of a small street in the marina of Puerto Banus, in Marbella, that his rise among the “narcos” ended, on the evening of August 22, 2020, when he returned from a party. at the restaurant, in his all-terrain Mercedes-AMG, with his wife and children.

Pretexting a banal traffic check, eight men, disguised as police officers, stop the vehicle, extract the driver, beat him up, and disappear with him. Since then, Jamal B. has not given any sign of life. His accomplices have lost their “Partymaster”. But, in the middle of the “narcos”, such kidnapping cannot remain unanswered for long.

His family, who present him as an honest businessman who has succeeded in real estate, carry out their own investigation, isted by a private detective. She will offer a reward of 100,000 euros for any information leading to the finding of the missing young father. But she’s not the only one worried. Its closest correspondents on encrypted messaging, used for the organization of traffic, are mobilizing in their own way.

Among these users, mostly Dutch-speaking, a handful of employees communicate in French. Access to their discussions by the police services, coupled with spinning and sound systems, provides additional proof of the collaboration of French traffickers with the Mocro Maffia, the name of criminal groups made up in part of Dutch people of Moroccan origin having started in the cannabis market before imposing itself on cocaine trafficking in Northern Europe.

Violent disappearance

The case illustrates the multiple contacts between teams of criminals from diverse backgrounds who ignore borders, at war or in business according to business interests, and draws the contours of globalized organized crime.

For several months, Dutch, Belgian and French investigators had tracked the conversations of EncroChat encrypted messaging users. It is essentially through this channel that Jamal B., user name “Partymaster”, but also nicknamed “Lambo”, gave his orders, placed orders, and ensured the security of an illicit trade estimated at several million euros per year.

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