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#Encrochat: Wife is charged with conspiracy to murder “ the cocaine baron”.

A wife has been charged with conspiracy to murder after her 'cocaine baron' husband was found dead at their luxury home. 

Colleen Campbell, 38, of Clayton, Greater Manchester was charged after her husband Thomas Campbell, 38, was found dead at a home on Riverside, Mossley, on July 3.

She has been remanded in custody and is due to appear at Manchester Magistrates' Court today.

Stephen Raymond Cleworth, 37, of Charles Street, Heywood, has already appeared before magistrates accused of conspiracy to murder between July 2 and July 3.

Mr Campbell was found at the property on Riverside at around 10.30am on July 3 and pronounced dead at the scene.

The father of two led a jetset lifestyle with £100,000 dirty cash from a cocaine racket.

Holiday snaps showed the pair enjoying a yacht trip, frolicking at a swim-up bar and reclining on a giant Rattan bed while his wife was seen cuddling a Marmoset monkey.

When Campbell was being investigated over his finances, police discovered he and his wife then from Clayton, Manchester travelled in 'premium seats' to Cancun in Mexico for a 10-day family holiday with their children, staying at the five-star Hard Rock Hotel.

Their accommodation included a Jacuzzi, 24-hour room service as well as an Xbox gaming console.

During the holiday, which cost £10,000 and was paid for in cash, the family were also said to have chartered a motorboat. Thomas was accused of laundering drug money so they could sustain their lavish 'high life'.

He also allegedly recruited members of their family to help deal with the dirty money.

Between 2012 and 2016 Mrs Campbell paid cash deposits on BMW's, Audi's and Mercedes, using monthly instalments to continue to pay them until upgrading to a better model. 

When police attended their home in 2015, the couple had a BMW and a high powered Mercedes worth £60,000 on their drive with the matching number plates.

Using finance agreements, Campbell bought a black 6.3 litre Mercedes AMG for £42,000, which also had a personalised number plate while his wife purchased a black BMW X5, also with a personalised number plate, which was bought for £16,500.

Campbell was linked to family members who had been convicted of possession with intent to supply cocaine.

His brother Lee Campbell and his cousin Stephen Campbell were both convicted of possession with intent to supply cocaine whilst Mrs Campbell's brother, Brian Bowden had also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply cocaine.



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