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Encrypted phones for sale in China,Hong Kong, Macau. Buy Encrypted phones in Hong Kong

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Where to buy in China, Hong Kong and Macau , the most secure encrypted phones? Watch this video blog :

试用 30 天(免费)DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption System。

将任何 Android 设备或 Windows 笔记本电脑转变为牢不可破的加密机

更多信息?请访问我们的网站 或发送电子邮件至。我们很乐意协助您对您的通讯完全保密。

如何购买 DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption 系统?


为什么 DBV SuperEncryption 系统比市场上的任何其他解决方案都更安全?

DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption 技术如何工作?

DigitalBank Vault 的优势对比SKY ECC、黑莓、Phantom Secure、Encrochat


1. 一次 5000 欧元的终生费用。


2. 仅由用户生成的加密密钥。



3. 无需 SIM 卡。




6. 任何时候都不涉及服务器,完全自治的系统。


7. 没有任何形式的注册 - 100% 匿名,没有用户名/密码。


8. 独特的、个性化的、专用的



9. 气隙防御技术:


10. 在 Android 智能手机上跨平台工作(无需 SIM 卡)

和 Windows PC(用于办公室工作)



DigitalBank Vault 超级加密设备如何工作?以下链接中的视频演示:

DigitalBank Vault ® 安全通信是离线、无服务器和无密钥加密领域的全球领导者


DigitalBank Vault® 是世界上最安全的通信系统

DigitalBank Vault® 正在保护敏感的商业通信

DigitalBank Vault® 理念


The "Encrygma"

€ 18,000

SuperEncrypted Phone

The Most Advanced Quantum Encrypted Communication System in the World.

Disruptive Offline Communication Tech

(No Internet or Cellular Connection)

Without any Servers involvement

Based on the Secret Tech "White Fog"

No data ever registered on the device or elsewhere.

Immune to:


Cyber Espionage

Remote Hacking

Spyware Infection

Malware Infection

Forensic Data Extraction

Ransomware attacks

Electronic Surveillance

Try for 30 days ( free of charge) the DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption System. Transform any Android device or Windows Laptop into an Unbreakable Encryption Machine

More information? Visit our website at or email us at We will be happy to assist you in achieving total secrecy over your communications.

How to buy a DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption system?

More details?

Why the DBV SuperEncryption system is safer than any other solution available in the market?

How does the DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption technology work?

DigitalBank Vault advantages Vs. SKY ECC, BlackBerry, Phantom Secure, Encrochat

and other 'secure communication devices'

1. One lifetime fee of € 5000 Euro.

No annual subscription fees.

2. Encryption Keys generated by the user only.

Encryption Keys never stored in the device used or anywhere else.

Encryption Keys never exchanged with the communicating parties.

3. No SIM Card needed.

4. Unlimited text messaging, audio and video messaging,

audio calls, file transfers, file storage.

5. "Air-Gapped" Offline Encryption System not connected to the Internet.

6. No Servers involved at any given time, completely autonomous system.

No third parties involved.

7. No registration of any kind - 100% anonymous without username/password.

No online Platform or Interfaces.

8. Unique, Personal, Dedicated Set of

Encryption Algorithms for each individual client.

Totally Private Encryption System.

9. Air Gap Defense Technology:

The Only Offline Communication System in the World.

10. Working cross-platform on Android Smartphones ( No SIM Cards Needed)

and Windows PC ( for office work)

Contact us for additional information at Who we are? Who are our clients? How does the DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption Device work? Video presentation on the below link: DigitalBank Vault ® Secure Communication is World’s Leader in Offline, Serverless & Keyless Encryption Communicate Securely Anytime, Anywhere:Anti Interception, Anti Surveillance & Anti Data Eavesdropping Technologies DigitalBank Vault® is The World’s Most Secure Communication System DigitalBank Vault® is Securing Sensitive Business Communications The DigitalBank Vault® Philosophy No Video, Voice & Text Messages can be ever intercepted, read, listened to, or recorded


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