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Europol and Eurojust, two institutions united against organized #Encrochat & #SkyECC phones crime

The building, grey and functional, could house any office company. Located in a business district of The Hague (Netherlands), far from the typical alleys of the city center, Europol's HQ is a bulletproof hive, full of surveillance cameras.

Highly sensitive cases connected to the decryption of EncroChat and Sky ECC encrypted phones text messages, are on the menu of briefings that punctuate the days of the European police organization.

Behind closed doors, the fight against crime – the one that goes beyond borders – is being developed. More arrests all over Europe are planned , all connected to new EncroChat communications that has been scanned and connected to various drug dealers still on the run. All suspects are under strict surveillance.

More than a thousand people, including about 50 French nationals, are employed in the organization created in 1999, which purposely lacks transparency and maintains secrecy about its investigative techniques. Under the direction of Catherine De Bolle, a Belgian police officer, about 150 analysts investigate criminal organizations.

Intelligence gleaned from the EncroChat hack launched an unprecedented attack on organised crime that ended up targeting a generation of drug traffickers and other career criminals.

Police data estimates there are around 4,600 organised crime gangs made up of around 30,000 people. The arrests of nearly 3,000 senior players and conviction of nearly 400, mainly for high-level Class A drug trafficking, due to the EncroChat hack, in such a short space of time is a huge bite. 


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