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FBI attracted users to An0M messaging phone by shutting down #Encrochat , Sky ECC & Phantom Secure

The True story of the hacking into Encrochat and Sky ECC end to end encrypted messaging devices!

They attracted users into the ANOM sting phone, by shutting down to alternative end-to-end encrypted messaging platforms ! The government press release gave some explanation for the FBI’s success, writing that it was able to attract users for ANOM by shutting down other platforms that offered similar services.


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For instance, the press release explains that in 2018, when the FBI shut down the Canadian encrypted device company Phantom Secure, many of the criminals who had been using Phantom Secure devices were forced “to seek other secret communication methods to avoid law enforcement detection.

Then, in July 2020, European officials shut down the EncroChat platform, and demand for ANOM devices grew even more. Finally, in March 2021, U.S. officials seized the infrastructure underlying Sky Global’s encrypted device platform, called Sky ECC, and “demand for ANOM devices grew exponentially as criminal users sought a new brand of hardened encryption device to plot their drug trafficking and money laundering transactions and to evade law enforcement,” according to the Department of Justice press release.

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