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Fresh upcoming arrests planned all over UK 🇬🇧 based on new scanned #Encrochat & #Sky ECC messages

More arrests under way connected to newly deciphered messages from EncroChat and Sky ECC encrypted phones.

Lot of “anonymous “ users has been successfully identified by crossing data extracted from text messages sent between them.


Today there are sophisticated tools based on artificial intelligence that are able to scan simultaneously thousands of messages and find out connections , data, names, locations, and in this way identifying real user’s identity.

Both EncroChat and Sky ECC sold fake encrypted phones, totally unsecured in terms of cyber defense of data and lacking of any real encryption systems. Pure marketing stunts based on cheap Chinese android phones.

EncroChat messages are read like plain text, openly, in a decrypted way, because of lacking of any robust encryption and in addition the owners just left their servers wide open , totally .

Real Encryption Systems , the once used by the leading intelligence services , work offline , without any any this party involvement, and of course without servers. The Ultra Encryption Systems resides in a “air gapped” encryption machine, with not external communication connections or even physical ports to be attached.


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