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Hacking of #Encrochat: Commissioner Johansson’s speech at the Europol Cybercrime Conference 2022


Member States and the European Parliament are well advanced in the negotiations on our e-evidence proposal. And I hope they will reach an agreement soon.  

This will be a significant change. It should speed up investigations that today rely on voluntary disclosure or mutual legal assistance.

But law enforcement access to evidence is not enough. They must also be able to analyse it.

So it’s good that Europol’s new mandate is now in place.

A new mandate that I proposed and came into force in June this year.

The new mandate gives legal clarity for Europol to process big data.

Big data is the key to Europol’s recent success stories. Encrochat, Operation Trojan Shield and SKY ECC.

One billion messages found in the SKY ECC case alone.  

A criminal messenger service accessed by police.

With 175,000 users.

Sending messages revealing drug deals, corruption, kidnapping and murder. Leading to thousands of arrests all over Europe.

Few Member States have the capacity to analyse one billion messages swiftly and efficiently.

But Europol does.

And its new mandate increases Europol’s capacity to support Member States.

Also through a stronger role in law enforcement research.

And by being allowed to develop Artificial Intelligence.

French police won Europol’s Excellence in innovation award.

For its Artificial Intelligence Tools Platform to help solve crimes.

Showing just how important AI is to policing today.

Europol’s innovation lab will be working on AI tools.

Like an application to improve picture quality taken of criminals committing serious crimes.

Europol can now also cooperate directly with private parties like companies.

And that’s essential when every second counts. For example when following the money online. In the fight for example against ransomware.

And that brings me back where I started.

Ransomware attacks are an organised crime.

A ransomware attack last year on Kaseya, an information technology and security company in the US. Also affected their customers.

And closed down 500 supermarkets in Sweden for many days.

So we are working internationally to fight this crime.

Together with US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas we have set up a joint EU-US working group against ransomware.

This group is now operational and has prepared an International Ransomware Response Model with contributions from the FBI and Europol.

This provides a method to prioritise cases to cause maximum disruption to the ransomware business model.

What’s still a problem is that police lacks the right tools. Only specialised units can trace crypto currency, analyse ransomware families or collect digital evidence.


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