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How do you know if you’re cellphone has been breached?

Listen to the call quality

Mobile call quality is highly variable, but if you notice unusual background noises like static or humming, there may be a tap on the line. If the phone makes static noises even when you’re not on a call, there may be a serious problem.

Check your phone bill

Another sign that something may be wrong is rising cost of data usage on your account. Or you may run out of data allowance much quicker than expected. If data use is much higher than expected – and you can rule out a faulty app – it may be that hackers are using your data connection to relay voice calls and other personal information.

Choose your app downloads carefully

Mobile phone tapping usually relies on a malware-infected app to break into other functions, like voice calls. Official stores (like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store) tend to check the apps they host, making it much less likely that malware slips through the cracks. You should never install apps from untrusted sources.

Reboot regularly

Once they have hacked a smartphone, cybercriminals will use the built-in microphone to monitor general conversations – even when you’re not actually making phone calls. Because of this, your phone may not shut down correctly. You should reboot your phone regularly – if you run into problems, there’s a chance your phone may be tapped.

Listen out for interference

Ever notice how your phone causes radio interference when you’re on a call? This is perfectly normal – but only if it happens during a call. If you notice your phone is generating interference when it’s not in use, there’s a possibility that someone is listening in.

How to protect your phone

The best way to protect against phone tapping is to stop hackers before they break in. Which means preventing them from installing malware on your smartphone.


The DigitalBank Vault ® Private Messaging device enables you to share any media privately, using the most comprehensive set of encrypted sharing media available. Photos, videos, audio/voice, text chat/SMS and data files are encrypted and can only be read by the recipient on another DigitalBank Vault trusted device .

Unlimited secure calls

All devices include unlimited secure calls over Wi-Fi. There are no per-minute or monthly charges.

Unlimited secure messages

Send as many secure messages as you like. They are free. Don't risk losing your privacy.

Organize secure conference calls with several participants. DigitalBank Vault conference calls are peer-to-peer, mixed on your handset without the involvement of a central conference server, which maximizes your security.

New Contacts are added by using their unique DigitalBank Vault® ID, and Private Groups (from one, to an unlimited number of participants) can be created with the full security of knowing all exchanges are encrypted and private.

​Live as-you-speak voice call encryption to prevent hackers from gathering information on the contact details and identities of participants. Private calls, text chat/SMS and data communications are fully encrypted for each message or session.

Widely available new technologies put voice calls and messages increasingly at risk from:Industrial espionage , Criminal eavesdropping , Surveillance

by hostile governments .

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