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How does the DigitalBank Vault device work?​

How does the device work?​ It’s such a revolutionary concept in cybersecurity, a completely new approach: the ​DigitalBank Vault ™ Device​ is accessed by a secret passphrase, invented by the user, this unique passphrase is used by our algorithms in order to create on the spot, encryptions keys, private keys, and public keys.

The keys created are encrypting the entire communication session(voice calls,text messaging, voice messages,files transfer), and are encrypting also the files uploaded to decentralized clouds and the blockchain and permit the secure use of the crypto wallet too, because private keys for multiple cryptocurrencies are also generated, in order to interact with the blockchain.

The keys are generated for a few milliseconds and then disappear permanently from the device. They are not stored on the device and will be again generated, on the spot, the same moment the user will insert his secret passphrase.

Nothing is ever stored on the device so that there is nothing that can be ever extracted from it. You lose the device, no data is compromised.

You just get a new device, insert your secret passphrase and start your confidential communication sessions or retrieve your anonymous files from the decentralized cloud.

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