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How to Hide Confidential Documents Online ?

The DigitalBank Technology enable strong encryption of files always based on the concept of not storing the encryption keys , anywhere and at any given moment. 

As explained, they are regenerated each time by the user , for a few milliseconds, using his secret pass phrase. 

The beauty of this concept is that for example, encrypted files can be stored on ultra secure servers on the cloud, in a fully anonymous way .   You encrypt and upload files, so nothing remains on the device.  On the cloud is encrypted and you are the only one able to retrieve and decrypt it .  

Even if your device is lost, stolen or seized , you still have all the files available.  

The servers may be hacked?  No problem: everything is encrypted, the encryption keys are not available anywhere and in any case the files are uploaded in an anonymous way, so nobody knows to whom they belong.


Tim Weiss 


DigitalBank Vault Ltd 

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