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How to Keep sensitive healthcare and patient data safe?

HIPAA compliant, encrypted cloud storage and file sharing for managing medical records

Secure cloud storage and file sharing for healthcare professionals

Due to its sensitive nature, medical data is worth ten time more for hackers than credit card details, resulting in the growing number and scale of healthcare data breaches globally. The handling of health data like scan results or social security numbers is governed by complex regulations all over the world. To comply with those, medical institutions and research teams need to ensure the secure storing and sharing of protected health information (PHI) and medical records.

Protect health information with an unbreakable end-to-end encryption

Keep control of your encryption keys. Using DigitalBank's encrypted solution, nothing leaves your device unencrypted. Only you have the keys to read the content of your files. These keys are never sent to our servers in unencrypted format.

Help patients stay safe. Stop sending scans and lab results and other files as email attachments, send secure file and folder links instead. Keep control by setting up download limits, expiration dates, and a password for extra protection.

Share securely with vendors and patients. Share medical results and records as files or in folders. Keep control of sensitive data by setting up download limits, expiration dates, and a password for extra protection.

Bullet-proof protection for all of your medical records

Upload your existing folder structure. Keep the way you like to organize your files when you upload them to the cloud. No need to change what is already on your computer. Uploading a backup only takes a few clicks.

Sync automatically. DigitalBank Vault updates your files in real-time and automatically adds any edits you make to your online backup. That way, doctors, specialists, lab technicians and outside partners can access the latest version of shared data from any device.

Recover deleted files and any file versions. Restore files deleted accidentally or due to ransomware. Keep track of changes by your collaborators, solve version conflicts and use unlimited file versioning to roll back any previous version.

“Beyond guarding against password hacks, DigitalBank Vault offers a path toward HIPAA compliance by offering end-to-end encryption of patient data.”
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