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How to Make a Call Without Being Traced?

With the widespread and accelerating use of unsanctioned consumer messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) apps within organizations, the risks to business communications have never been greater.

Confidential discussions by voice and text are increasingly vulnerable to eavesdropping and are being stored on networks and servers that are completely outside of organizations’ visibility and control.

Combining military-grade security with the ease of use of a consumer app, DigitalBank Vault™ requires no user training or configuration, ensuring fast and easy deployment, user acceptance and adoption across the enterprise.

With DigitalBank Vault™ , you can trust that your confidential mobile

communications remain 100% anonymous .

DigitalBank Vault™ is an industry leader in delivering multi-layer strong encryption for voice/conference calls, instant messaging and file sharing.

Communicate Securely Anytime, Anywhere

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