• Adam Adler

Adam Adler: How to Make Untraceable Anonymous Encrypted Voice Calls?

How to Make Untraceable Anonymous Encrypted Voice Calls?

The answer is simple " YOU CANNOT".

As long as you are using the cellular network, you are completely "uncovered"!

On the cellular network, you are exposed. Totally. In an Absolute Way.

Whoever is selling you "secure communication devices" is not really telling you the entire story or they just do not really understand a thing about securing communications.

DigitalBank Vault is a Bank Vault for Digital Communications :

Do you need an ultra-secure communication system, that protects sensitive and confidential information with top-grade end-to-end encryption on impenetrable platforms that includes video, voice, text messages, and secure file storage?

What is the difference between the DigitalBank Vault and other secure communication devices and applications?

The DigitalBank Vault does not store and has no way to store data, information, keys, passwords, or any other form of memory.

No information can be ever retrieved, no matter what forensic tools are used.

No Video, Voice, or Text Messages can be ever read, listened to, or recorded because the communication system is end to end encrypted with a one-time pad key by the user, and 100% Peer to Peer, without any third-party server's involvement.

DigitalBank Vault doesn't have any servers. DigitalBank Vault is not a third party and can be used totally offline.


The Zero Storage Standard ​Concept:

NO Encryption Keys are ever stored, Anywhere.

There is Nothing to Hack.

The​ Triple Zero Standard​ Cyber Security Technology​ prevents data breaches and hostile hacking attacks



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