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How to Protect Your Privacy with 100% Anonymous Communications

The DigitalBank Vault® philosophy is that security needs to be made easy enough to be usable. The most secure system is simply not useful if it is so complicated nobody is willing to use it.

At DigitalBank Vault® , our goal is to guard against mass surveillance and we feel the best way to do that is to give encryption to everybody

The only way to do that, is to make encryption easy to use.

This is why DigitalBank Vault® works went to great lengths to make the cryptography completely invisible to the user.

Our risk analysis indicates that offers good (but not perfect) protection for the vast majority of users. There are however some risks for users facing a strong adversary, such as a government focusing all its resources on a very specific target. In such a case, we don’t think crypto would be of much benefit .

Below are some examples of recommended, and not recommended use cases for the DigitalBank Vault


Edward Snowden – If you are Edward Snowden, or the next Edward Snowden, and have a life and death situation that requires privacy, we would not recommend using DigitalBank Vault® . For extremely sensitive situations, it is simply not a good idea to use email as a medium for communications.


Sensitive business communications – You have sensitive business information that you want to make sure is protected from competitors and other malicious parties. For example, you fear a competitor may want to sue you under false pretenses to get access to sensitive data. In this case, the DigitalBank Vault® offers a great deal of protection.

DigitalBank Vault® will not release ANY data unless provided with an enforceable Swiss court order. To get such an order, the case must first work its way through the Swiss courts where stricter privacy laws might result in a different ruling. Even if an adversary went through the expensive and time consuming procedure of obtaining such an order, DigitalBank Vault® zero access cryptography , means we would only be able to release data that is encrypted since we do NOT hold the decryption keys.

Private Citizen with Privacy Concerns – DigitalBank Vault® is also perfect for an individual (or corporation) that does NOT want the government to have access to all of their emails at any time, and does not like Google or Microsoft constantly scanning and archiving all conversations.

With DigitalBank Vault® , https://www.digitalbank.capital/

the barrier of entry for mass surveillance is high enough that mass surveillance simply is not practical.

This is an example where ‘good privacy’ can act as a meaningful substitute to ‘perfect privacy’.

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