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How to secure your Bitcoins in the best possible way?

In order to answer this question , in the most simple way , so that it will be clear for you to understand it , we invite you to watch this short video first :

There is a saying in the crypto world : if you don’t hold your private key, someone else does.

This has certainly been the case cryptocurrency exchanges, where millions of user funds have been stolen in recent months. And even hardware wallets where the ‘wallet’ company controls ‘safely’ the users private keys , they too have been hacked, again with millions in crypto being stolen.

Instead of generating and storing your private key , like all other wallets , the DigitalBank Vault Device, uses a different system : you generate your private key and you are the only one that has access to it .

No ” Keys ” never leaves your DigitalBank device (so nothing can be intercepted).  

The Private Key is never stored on the device from the first place , it is actually generated by you, for a fraction of a second , just for ‘signing’ and transaction , and all is executed by using a sophisticated algorithm . 

This means that each transaction is trustlessly verified without exposing any sensitive information about the users involved. The result is a near to unhackable device and that is a huge step up in crypto security.

Secure today your crypto funds with the most advanced bitcoin storage system available , visit our SHOP.

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