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How to Stop Mobile Phone Tracking? How to Block Cellphone Spying?

THE DigitalBank Vault IS CHANGING ONLINE COMMUNICATION : The utmost level of privacy and anonymity , the best encryption and the tightest cyber security tailored especially for you.


Victims of Cellphone Hacking?

How to Prevent Cellphone Surveillance? Block the tracking, bugging, monitoring, interception and recording of conversations and text messages on mobile phones .

How to Stop Mobile Phone Tracking? How to Block Cellphone Spying?

When making or receiving a digital communication, the DigitalBank Vault® encryption engine authenticates the other party and generates a unique session key, which only lasts for the duration of that communication.

Free Lifetime Messaging and Calls : By using your device’s internet connection (Wi-Fi) , DigitalBank Vault ® does not charge you for messages.

All Message formats are private and secure: The power of DigitalBank Vault ® allows you to send documents and data of any type - including text, videos, images, files, location sharing and other media.

Unbreakable Military Grade encryption: All messages are near to unhackable.

Encryption and decryption occurs directly on the device, with the user having control over the key exchanges. No third party - including server operators - can decrypt the content of any message or intercept phone calls.

Self Destruction Mode: The sender can set a message/email self-destruction timer - from one second, to one year after the message or email is read - which destroys the message on both devices after the specified time.

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