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Idiot of #Encrochat: Bungling Ulster mobsters busted after sharing videos on encrypted messaging app


One of Ulster's biggest organised crime gangs has been busted by elite cops after bungling gangsters posted videos of themselves kissing bullets on a compromised secret messaging app.

The Sunday World can reveal that members of 'The Firm' - a narco outfit that has flooded Northern Ireland with drugs for years - also boasted about kill bids, joked about pipebombing rivals' homes and even filmed themselves returning from Spain on a Belfast-bound plane.Sources say the sinister texts - made on the cop-cracked EncroChat system - were intercepted and decoded by National Crime Agency (NCA) investigators earlier this year.

It's understood the gang, whose members include a former LVF man and one-time high-ranking dissident republican, are number one suspects in last month's huge gun haul in Co Down

In what was described as the "most significant find in a decade", 11 firearms including machine- guns, hand pistols and assault rifles were uncovered by NCA investigators buried underground the rural Jerrettspass.

Some of those guns are believed to have emanated from loyalist stashes from the Troubles, however the NCA said its investigations around the cache are not paramilitary related.

Today we can reveal how The Firm has grown from a lowly petty crime gang to running one of the biggest drug operations in the North.

They have murdered, maimed and are working hand-in-hand with Europe-wide cartels to put poison on the streets of Ulster to line their pockets.

Sources claim a senior gang member is a one-time UVF youth who it is alleged has connections to former LVF crime lord Drew King.

The Firm's leadership recently formed an unlikely allegiance with a man with strong dissident republican connections to the Lurgan area.

Despite once being deadly enemies, the gangsters, who all come from the Mid-Ulster and Armagh areas, are now running a "cross-community" criminal empire which was making them hundreds of thousands a month.


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