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Impossible for Google to protect your Android phone

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IT'S practically impossible for Google to protect your Android phone from devastating hack attacks if you don't upgrade.

The latest investigations found that as many as 40 percents of Android users no longer receive "vital security updates" from Google.

This puts them at risk of "data theft, ransom demands, and other malware attacks".

Android phones run on software made by Google – just like an iPhone is powered by Apple code. Google regularly updates Android phones with security fixes, to prevent hackers from exploiting bugs.

But older Android phone models stop receiving these updates, putting their users at risk.

Many users question why Google can't provide security updates for all phones indefinitely – but experts say it's not possible.

"This is unrealistic and is not standard practice,"

Many products these days have a relatively short life-cycle with a finite period of security support. This could be anything from two years to 10 years, but it will always end.

"In particular with the pace of movement in the mobile space and considering hardware and software advances, supporting an aging device that is hosting aging software eventually becomes impractical."

There are thousands of different types of Android phones, many dating back more than a decade. And over time, it becomes difficult for Google to maintain security updates for all devices.

Like with any technology, at some point, it becomes impractical and expensive to provide updates for older devices with limited user numbers.

The sheer rate of technological advancement in smartphones means last year's handset can age out prematurely.

"In such a competitive market, engineering resources are always going to focus on new feature development, however, consumers should expect a good lifetime of support. That said, indefinite updates are not realistic."

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