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Inside ‘modern-day The Wire’ plot that snared top UK 🇬🇧 #Encrochat drug lords by catching shameless boasts of Ferraris & murder plans

Operation Eternal was part of the nationwide Operation Venetic, led by the National Crime Agency.

In total, more than 3,220 arrests have been made across UK law enforcement, with around 2,000 suspects charged and more than 1,300 offenders being convicted.

Many criminals believed that this system provided a shield or force field around them, which would mean their messages would never be read and it was a platform where they could organise crime freely.

What I find fascinating, is just the ridiculous things that people do online. People went to the trouble of paying for an encrypted phone network and setting up an anonymised handle but then they became complacent.

“Some started sending selfies, wishing each other happy birthday…someone even sent a picture of their car with the number plate visible.

“It was really stupid behaviour.”


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