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Interception stories of #Encrochat: the hacking of Gangster Peter 'Fatso' Mitchell


Mitchell and two other gang members had been identified as drug traffickers after French police cracked the encrypted message system EncroChat.

When Fatso had been intercepted his two co-conspirators began to send each other messages discussing the possibly he had been arrested after he failed to turn up at the drop-off point.

The National Crime Agency and South Wales Police were able to use intelligence gathered from it to identify Mitchell, who went by 'Gorilla Hawk'.

Over a five-month period the gang shipped an estimated 42kg of cocaine into Swansea.

The Swansea end of the operation was run by two UK nationals, Nathan Webber (28) and James Gallagher (36), who each had their own customer base and "up-stream" suppliers, but who would also help the other man out in securing the best deals.

The court heard that between March and July 2020 the pair sourced an estimated 42kg of cocaine from their England-based suppliers, a quantity of drugs worth up to €2.1 million.

One of the suppliers was 52-year-old Mitchell, who would drive consignments to Swansea from his home in Bradford.

The prosecutor said the operation came to light after law enforcement agencies got access to a wealth of messages on the previously secure EncroChat phone network.

Analysis of the communications showed regular contact between Webber, Gallagher and Mitchell - along with contact with other users yet to be identified - as they discussed drugs purchases and prices per kilo, along with delivery details, including to addresses in Clydach, Morriston, and Port Talbot.

One of the messages referred to dealers in Colombia who had 100kg of coke "ready to go".

The court heard that some of the packages of cocaine shipped to Swansea were stamped with the "Avengers" superhero logo as a way of identifying them.

Webber, Gallagher, and Mitchell were each sentenced to 10 years in prison. With a 20 percent discount for his guilty plea, Mills was sentenced to four years and 10 months in prison.

News of his arrest was the first time Fatso Mitchell had been heard of for several years since he was forced to flee the Coast del Crime.

In the Costa Del Sol where he continued to be involved in international drug trafficking and established himself as a major drug supplier operating out of a luxury villa in Puerto Banus.

He often worked with George ‘The Penguin' Mitchell and was in regular contact with John ‘The Coach' Traynor, who was moving between The Netherlands and Margate on the UK's south coast.

The bar just outside Puerto Banus was effectively a meeting place for drug gangs, including the Kinahans.

Freddie Thompson and his cousins Liam and David Byrne were regular visitors, along with their father, James `Jaws' Byrne.

The Sunday World previously revealed how Mitchell was then lucky to escape with his life after Christy Kinahan Snr sanctioned his murder in 2008.

Kinahan sr had just been arrested in Belgium over money-laundering charges.

As a result, he closed his Paparazzi bar in Puerto Banus which had become a HQ for international gangsters.

He effectively went on the run from the Kinahan Cartel after surviving a shooting just six months after his pal Paddy Doyle was murdered by the mob.

His arrest in the UK in 2020 highlighted his fall from grace in the underworld from brokering international drugs deals to moving cocaine consignment himself.

Mitchell used the alias 'Anthony Swanson' while living out of a middle-class address on Pollard Lane, Bradford in Yorkshire, according to Sunday World sources.


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