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Jailed of #Encrochat: Operation Eternal: how the Met caught criminals planning to kidnap & torture

Try for Free the

Encrygma Mobile Encryption System

Transform Any Android Device

into an Offline Cipher Machine.

Learn more here:

How it works ?



Become a DBV Authorized Reseller

How it Works?

We grant you full exclusivity for your Country.

We provide you with the most advanced hardware:

10 Ultra Encrypted Smartphones based on the latest 2023 Samsung A .

The Cipher System is installed on Samsung Military Encrypted Phones coming with an hardware encryption engine. Email 📧 us for more technical information ℹ️ at


you have a tangible product to let people try and test .

You have a ready to be sold inventory in place .

Usually people wants to test the devices , “feel the product “ and want to be able to get it ASAP.

Deposit for the 10 mobile encryption machines : € 5000 fully refunded in case no devices are sold in the next 12 months .

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