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Jet2 Ibiza flight was the beginning of the end for EncroChat's Mucky Mouth, Frosty Finger and Wireless Dove #EncroChat users 'Mucky Mouth', 'Frosty Finger' and 'Wireless Dove' jailed for 40 years

If you need Absolute Secrecy over your top classified communications, sensitive data storage and confidential file transfers, we offer the most sophisticated encryption technologies and advanced know how in the field of counter cyber intelligence, counter cyber espionage, anti spyware surveillance and anti smartphone interception. 

Tailored and Complex Counter Intelligence Solutions for High-Profile Individuals, CEOs, VIPs, Corporate & Institutional .

​Ultra Encrypted iPhones 15 Pro 2024 (Military Ciphered Devices ) at € 1,800 Euro .

More info ℹ️: WhatsApp/Signal/ Telegram +37257347873


In scenarios where the stakes are elevated, the DBV Encryption Technology is Impenetrable and can’t be deciphered by any Government, Intelligence Agencies or State Sponsored Hackers , delivering total privacy to its users.

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