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Latest News of #Encrochat: Drug Investigations Against Rapper Kontra K


The public prosecutor’s office in Berlin is investigating against the rapper Kontra K. He is considered one of the most successful German pop stars. He is said to have arranged deals of around 100 kilograms of cannabis via a crypto cell phone.

Maximilian Diehn, as Kontra K is called, likes to pose with big boys on the internet. Photos on social networks show him with muscular men, including fully tattooed Hells Angels rockers. The 35-year-old musician and martial artist has been cultivating the image of a gangster rapper for years. But maybe it was more than just an image.

Because the public prosecutor’s office in Berlin is investigating NDR-Information currently against Diehn, who is said to have planned to trade drugs in large quantities. This was confirmed by a spokeswoman for the judicial authority on request. Diehn is said to have used an EncroChat mobile phone. In recent years, these cell phones have been popular with criminals to communicate with each other in encrypted form.

Encrypted phone hacked

The investigation should not come as a surprise to the rap musician. Because the provider of the encrypted cell phones had already warned users in June 2020 that the French police had hacked the company’s servers and thus gained access to the supposedly secure communication. At that time, the French managed to record the encrypted chat messages over several months. They shared the data with police authorities in numerous European countries, including the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA).

Since then, police officers and prosecutors nationwide have been evaluating the EncroChat messages. The datasets provide investigators with a deep insight into the structures and business of organized crime. By evaluating the encrypted mobile phone communication from EncroChat and other providers such as SkyECC, the officials were able to identify around 4,500 suspects.

This resulted in around 4,000 new investigations nationwide. Almost 1,900 arrest warrants were issued, 550 firearms and more than 38 tons of narcotics were seized. In addition, assets of around EUR 610 million have been provisionally secured. Across Germany there have already been 670 convictions with a total of more than 3,400 years in prison. The traces of the EncroChat cell phones led the investigators to some well-known criminals, but also to prominent people from the music and event industry, such as Maximilian Diehn from Berlin, alias Kontra K.

Drugs worth hundreds of thousands of euros

According to information from NDR the BKA is said to have identified Diehn via the password for his EncroChat account. He himself is said to have used the username “massive human”. The LKA investigators are investigating the suspicion that the musician is said to have tried to import 100 kilograms of cannabis to Germany in spring 2020 and then to sell it again for a profit. The drugs should therefore have a value of several hundred thousand euros. Diehn and his management left an inquiry about the investigation unanswered.

In addition, Diehn is said to have written to an acquaintance via the crypto phone about a possible attack on a German music manager. The reasons for this are unclear. Police officers conducted a Vulnerable Interview with the potential victim after identifying the manager in August 2020.

Diehn is one of the most famous German rappers. In recent years he has celebrated hits with songs such as “Erfolg ist kein Glück” and “Last tear”. His tour of Germany begins at the end of November.


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