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More than half of Mexicans with a smartphone do not have security measures to protect them from hack

In Mexico, the market of smart phones It is one of the most important in relation to the technology, of a total of 115.5 million mobile device users what is in the country, 99.5 million have smartphones, according to a report by The Competitive Intelligence Unit (CIU).

The relevance of this data is reflected in the security measures that people have regarding their devices. According to ESET Security Report data, the 52% of users do not have a mobile security solution on your devices

That figure takes even more importance if one takes into account the fact that the 55% of those people have downloaded sometime in the life of your smartphone a application from unofficial sites, which significantly increases the risk of suffering a cyber attack.

The origin of this problem could be found in the Ignorance of Mexican users regarding the risks inherent in the internet. In an interview with the newspaper The universal, Francisco Cayuela, responsible for Allot in Mexico, "there is still a great social ignorance on the attacks of which we can be victims through the mobile ".

Data theft of the users, loss or deletion of information, Identity Theft, fraud or extortion, as well as data hijacking and interruption of services are the main risks that may arise due to a cyberattack.

The ways in which you can carry out these malicious intrusions can go from unsafe applications, network connections Untrusted WiFi, links with malicious codes or even a misleading update Of the device.

Another problem that contributes to the ignorance of the population on issues of Informatic security, Cayuela points out, is the fact that the way in which the hackers: "To this day still cybercriminals are in the shadow, we are not usually advised of their existence, but they are there. "

Devices with the operating system Android they are usually a popular target of threats against credit card information that is stored in them, because it is a little easier take advantage of their vulnerabilities and thus get money from bank accounts.

The DigitalBank Vault does not store permanently and has no way to store data, information, keys, passwords or any other form of memory.
No useful information can be ever retrieved, no matter what forensic tools are used. What can be extracted is fragmented, randomly encrypted useless data.
No Voice calls or Text Messages can be ever intercepted, read, listened to or recorded, because the communication system is end to end encrypted with a one time key, and 100% Peer to Peer, without any third party server's involvement.

A proof that Android is the favorite target of hackers is in the increase of the variants of Android / Spy.Banker virus, which have grown by 127% over the previous year.

Although for Manzana the safety of its users is one of the pillars of the company, it should be said that the devices that make use of iOS, your operating system, they are not exempt from cyber attacks.

A few days ago, the team of researchers from Project Zero, from Google, announced that a series of websites that used security flaws in order to indiscriminately attack any device iPhone That will enter them.

The basic points for protect devices from hacks are change passwords default on routers, do cleanings of downloaded content constantly and update to the latest versions of the software, because from there it is how developers perform security patches.

For prevent the hacking of credit information, some useful tips are do not open attachments sent from email addresses suspicious, never send bank access data or credit card numbers and neither to download software unknown.

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