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New Sky ECC Encrypted Phone 2021

Go Dark. Use Anywhere. Leave No Trace

Sky ECC Encrypted Phone is no longer available to buy. There are no Sky ECC phones for sale now. The company and their servers has been closed.

Authorities hacked their servers and succeeded to retrieve all the encrypted that belonged to the users. Not all users of Sky ECC were criminals of course. So that a lot of legitimate users has been left without any solution to their privacy needs.

We are here to help, we can propose to legitimate clients a much safer solution.

Why safer? has no servers and works completely offline so that it is actually immune to remote hacking or online hacking.

In addition, on the devices are not storing any encryption keys, which are generated on the spot by the user himself, without any third party involvement, this means that whatever is encrypted, will remain encrypted forever, and no entity will be ever able to decipher the content you encrypted. Why? for the simple reason that encryption keys are never stored, anywhere, at any given time.

So, now that you are looking for a new Sky ECC 2021 phone, we can supply you with the best and most secure alternative.

Make no mistakes about it: whoever is buying encrypted phones that are connected to some servers of the service providers and that this company is also creating and managing for you the encryption keys, you can be totally exposed and your entire data can be compromised. It happened in the past with Phanton Secure phones, then again with Encrochat and now with Sky ECC.

Privacy is Luxury those days. If you need total privacy and secrecy, we are here to help you achieve it, we do have all the know how and technology you need.

"Encrygma is for Companies and Individuals that needs absolute

secrecy over their data exchange ."

"The offline , serverless communications of critical and top classified data are unbreakable, untraceable, leaving no digital trace, anywhere, at any given time. "

Try for 30 days ( free of charge) the DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption System . Transform any Android device or Windows Laptop into an Unbreakable Encryption Machine

€ 8,000 SuperEncrypted Communication Network The Most Advanced Quantum Encrypted Communication

System in the World. Disruptive Offline Communication Tech (No Internet or Cellular Connection) Without any Servers involvement Based on the Secret Tech "White Fog" No data ever registered on the device or elsewhere. Immune to: Interception Cyber Espionage Remote Hacking Spyware Infection Malware Infection Forensic Data Extraction Ransomware attacks Electronic Surveillance

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