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Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Each day we blindly throw ourselves into the digital ether, naively trusting that encryption, hardened servers, secured websites and databases, good cybersecurity practices, and good intentions from website owners and infrastructure vendors globally will keep us and our private information safe. We see only calm waters and blue skies, not the icebergs lurking beneath the surface.

The online world is so easy to use that we often forget both how fragile it is and how dangerous. We happily type in our credit card details on some website somewhere in the world without stopping to ask just how well coded that website is and whether they might have left a database exposed somewhere along the way. Our doctors upload our medical records to “secure” websites run by third-party contractors that look like a third grader wrote them.

Our city governments store their records in software systems that were obsolete 15 years ago and haven’t had a security patch in 20.

All of this is hidden from the casual observer. We just see a friendly website beckoning us inside, not the frightening security nightmare behind it.

Few of the world’s netizens understand basic digital security and so beyond the basics of looking for a little lock icon in the URL bar of their browser, are little aware of all the digital dangers awaiting them. Even the programmer class that write those websites are all-too-often unfamiliar with even the most basic of security practices.

Making matters worse, Silicon Valley works tirelessly to retrain society at large that sharing is good. Whether it’s a photograph of your breakfast or the address and security procedures of a top-secret SCIF, we are taught to just put it all out there for the world to see. Privacy is for the past they tell us.

The "Encrygma"

€ 18,000

SuperEncrypted Phone

The Most Advanced Quantum Encrypted Communication System in the World.

Disruptive Offline Communication Tech

(No Internet or Cellular Connection)

Without any Servers involvement

Based on the Secret Tech "White Fog"

No data ever registered on the device or elsewhere.

Immune to:


Cyber Espionage

Remote Hacking

Spyware Infection

Malware Infection

Forensic Data Extraction

Ransomware attacks

Electronic Surveillance

You have two options , either you can buy the “Encrygma “ SuperEncrypted Phone , full details :, at € 18,000 Euros per device or create your own encryption device by installing our SuperEncryption systems on regular Android and Windows devices at € 5000 Euros per license.

DigitalBank Vault advantages Vs. SKY ECC, BlackBerry, Phantom Secure, Encrochat

and other 'secure communication devices'

1. One-lifetime fee of € 5000 Euro.

No annual subscription fees.

2. Encryption Keys generated by the user only.

Encryption Keys never stored in the device used or anywhere else.

Encryption Keys never exchanged with the communicating parties.

3. No SIM Card needed.

4. Unlimited text messaging, audio and video messaging,

audio calls, file transfers, file storage.

5. "Air-Gapped" Offline Encryption System not connected to the Internet.

6. No Servers involved at any given time, completely autonomous system.

No third parties involved.

7. No registration of any kind - 100% anonymous without username/password.

No online Platform or Interfaces.

8. Unique, Personal, Dedicated Set of

Encryption Algorithms for each individual client.

Totally Private Encryption System.

9. Air Gap Defense Technology:

The Only Offline Communication System in the World.

10. Working cross-platform on Android Smartphones ( No SIM Cards Needed)

and Windows PC ( for office work)

Contact us

for additional information at

Telegram: @timothyweiss WhatsApp: +37257347873 You can buy any Android device and Windows laptops and transform them into a powerful encryption device by installing our set of software. The process is simple , you buy your own phones and laptops devices , choose your most trusted company ( we always advise Samsung phones and Asus laptops , then you buy from us the DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption System and install it on the devices you bought. If you need the encryption system just for storing and transferring classified files and data, you may need just one license ( it will work for four on both Windows and Androids). If you need to communicate between two people, you will of course need to buy two licenses. If your network of people you need to communicate with is larger , you will have to buy more licenses of course. Each client is receiving a dedicated set of encrypted algorithms that means that each company (client) has a different encryption system, therefore creating a closed private internal network. Each license costs € 5000 Euros. No recurring payments are required. It’s a one-time fee. No monthly payments. Remember that our mission is to help companies achieve total, absolute secrecy over their sensitive data storage, critical file transfers and securing their confidential communications. Feel free to contact us. For more in depth information we can have a voice call or video meeting. Our SuperEncryption systems are needed in case you really need the highest level of secrecy. Our technology is above Governments level , it’s the highest level of anti interception/ anti espionage tech available to the private sector. We sell only and exclusively to reputable companies and individuals that pass our due diligence and KYC procedures. Try for 30 days ( free of charge) the DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption System. Transform any Android device or Windows Laptop into an Unbreakable Encryption Machine

More information? Visit our website at or email us at We will be happy to assist you in achieving total secrecy over your communications.

How to buy a DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption system?

More details?

Why the DBV SuperEncryption system is safer than any other solution available in the market?

How does the DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption technology work?

Share the quantum-safe encrypted content on all platforms you are currently using for your online communications such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and more.

Store securely your ultra-encrypted data on any cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Amazon, Dropbox.

Store Uncrackable encrypted files on your devices, computers, servers. 

The DigitalBank One Time Pad Encryption Technology is working on any platform, any device or system, and supporting all languages.

For a Free 7 Days Trial contact us today at 


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