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Paul Krusky Arrested . Had a crucial role in the development of encrypted phone firm #EncroChat.

He was arrested in the Dominican Republic last month after police monitoring his movements realised he had become aware he was under surveillance and decided to act, according to the report. For reasons unknown he was then released. 

Earlier this month Paul K’s wife was also arrested, as were six other people suspected of being involved in the running of EncroChat, three in Spain and three in Dubai, the report adds. 

The eight arrests are thought to be the first arrests of people involved in the setting up and running of EncroChat.

When contacted by VICE World News, Europol said it could not confirm the arrests because they are part of an ongoing operation, and expressed frustration that details of the arrests had been published in French media.

The Le Parisien report did not publish Paul K’s full name. However, according to a cache of emails previously obtained by VICE’s Motherboard and information from a source who interacted with EncroChat this name likely refers to Paul Krusky, a Canadian tech expert who Motherboard has found was integral to the early development and running of EncroChat.


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