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Phones Belonging To Senior Malaysian Government Officials Hacked

A number of senior government officials have apparently had their smartphones hacked recently.

The incident was then confirmed by the Director of PDRM’s Special Branch, Abdul Hamid Bador in a separate report by FMT. According to The Edge Markets who cited an unnamed source, the hacking attacks occurred last week, in what appeared to be a concerted effort.

The source also claims that a number of ministers were also targeted as part of the attack, but did not indicate exact individuals, or the number of ministers affected.

As a result of the attack, Tommy has apparently opted to get a new phone number, said the report. It has also pointed out that the Attorney General did not previously have a smartphone and only obtained one after his appointment as the post last year.

Incidentally, the report has also pointed out that some politicians’ smartphones were targeted by attackers last May. It is not known whether these attacks are related to each other but nevertheless, we are certainly curious to know the reasons behind these attacks.

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