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Sky ECC 2021 Resellers & Distributors

Updated: Jun 6

Are you still looking for a SKY ECC phone? Did you read about the fact that SKY Ecc's secure phone has been cracked? SKY ECC resellers and distributors are out of business because Sky ECC has been shut down by the authorities, at least this is what it looks like.

Sky ECC online stores are all closed, and we suggest you not try and find some other encrypted phone alternatives, because, they are all unsafe to use. Look at the Encrochat phone case, very similar to the Sky ECC case.

Blackberry secure cellphone has been hacked in the past, in the same way. SKY ECC encryption has been hacked according to what is said by Europol.

We do not encourage criminals to use encrypted phones or advise them not to use secure communication devices. We know that Sky ECC agents, resellers, and distributors worked also with decent clients, not only criminals. According to what is written online Sky ECC had 70,000 subscribers so that for sure big part of them are legit businesses that needed total privacy.

The same is true also for Encrochat, they served 60,000 subscribers, and you cannot say that all of them is organized crime.

We speak to the legitimate businesses that used Sky ECC phones. Please make no mistakes about it. There are no secure communication devices out there. As long as your device is on the cellular network, you are completely exposed to hacking, no matter how much your device is "encrypted".

Everything you do on those secure encrypted cellphones can be totally monitored remotely. Sad by true.

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Sky ECC Resellers 2021, cannot be found anymore. Do not be so naive!

If you really want total, absolute secrecy over your communications, file transfers, and file storage, you need to use 'encryption devices' and not 'encrypted phones".

What is the difference? An Encryption Device like the DigitalBank Vault SuperEncryption is a sophisticated encryption system that is installed on a separate and dedicated device ( Android or/and Windows), which is usually kept offline, and it is only encrypting files and not used for direct communications.

Stop using 'secure encrypted phones' like the Sky ECC because they are not secure at all. Stop looking for Sky ECC retailers, agents, resellers, and distributors.

Try to understand what real security means in communications. The security provided by Encrochat and SKY ECC is a false one, a total illusion.

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