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Sky ECC vs EncroChat

Updated: 6 days ago

Sky ECC vs EncroChat? Both of them are a total security failure! Both encrypted phones have been successfully hacked.

Need really to communicate safely? Don’t use third parties encrypted phones! They are all coming with a built-in backdoor! Don’t trust any third-party provider for securing your confidential communications.

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We work with top-level law firms, accountants, private investment companies, family offices, bankers, financial companies, and many other firms that need absolute secrecy over their file transfers and classified communications.

Sky ECC vs EncroChat? If you bought one of those, they sold you an illusion of security. Fake and dangerous cybersecurity systems.

We strongly believe that not all Sky ECC and EncroChat clients were criminals. To those legit firms that need total privacy, we are here to help you achieve it.

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