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#SkyECC encrypted phones indictments less than #Encrochat indictments


The live surveillance phase, carried out jointly by the Belgian, French and Dutch services, ends with the first “Sky” crackdown by the Belgian police on March 9, 2021. A massive operation: 1,800 police officers are mobilized to carry out 200 searches and 48 arrests. On the balance sheet of the seizures, more than 17 tons of cocaine, 1.2 million euros, and complete arsenals.

The investigators could not follow the discussions indefinitely without reacting. But the mountains of data collected remain an invaluable resource for launching or completing surveys. Especially since, a few months earlier, another reputedly secure communication system, EncroChat, was updated by the specialized gendarmes, under the aegis of the specialized interregional jurisdiction (JIRS) of Lille.

The jurisdiction in charge of the fight against organized crime (Junalco), created at the beginning of 2020, thus stores crucial information to accomplish its primary mission: to trace the networks of trafficking and target the “top of the spectrum” of organized crime. According to an investigator, “Sky ECC made it possible to make a diagnosis which we suspected would be extremely worrying, with a precise vision of the volumes concerned and the way in which disputes are settled, with an exceptional level of violence”.


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Offline “ Air Gapped” Super Encryption Mobile Machines.


Offline “ Air Gapped” Super Encryption Mobile Machines.

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Rule number 1 ☝🏼:

EncroChat evidences has been collected from the storage on the devices seized . A real military grade encryption device can’t be ever accessed by any digital forensic tools such as Cellebrite.

Rule number 2 :

Never 👎 use encryption services that are server based . Servers can be hacked easily and all data passing through them can be intercept. Servers also store the messages so that also this cloud based storage can be accessed and used as evidence.

Rule number 3:

Never , ⛔️ ever trust their party encryption services. The moment you trust a third party for generating your encryption keys, manage and store them for you , it’s game over . It’s like giving the keys of your bank vault to a total stranger .

Rule number 4 :

Stop 🛑 trusting cheap online encrypted phone suppliers! ⚠️ The garbage online are fake encrypted phones based on a $ 50 USD cheap Android cellphone bought in China and installed with a very low level security end to end encrypted messaging app.

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