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Smartphone Anti-Hacking: Beware of WiFi and Bluetooth

Most people don't think twice about jumping on a free public Wi-Fi connection, but people operating devices with sensitive business information on them should exercise caution. Business travelers often use hotel or conference center Wi-Fi. In general, this is an OK practice as businesses like reputable hotels and event venues have a vested interest in maintaining the security of their Wi-Fi users. However, free public Wi-Fi in areas like shopping centers, cafes, airports, parks or gyms, is often far less secure.

Try to use only your private cell connection whenever possible and switch off Wi-Fi on your mobile phone whenever you are in a public place. And, of course, do not sign on to unencrypted open networks. If that is not possible, consider using a VPN, but choose carefully, as all are not created equal. A VPN tunnels your network traffic through an encrypted connection to a server based in another location.

Unless you are wearing a smartwatch that requires a Bluetooth connection for functionality, it's also a good idea to disable Bluetooth when you're out and about.


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