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Smartphone Anti Hacking Solutions

Small business owners are keenly aware that protecting their assets is a top priority.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs have a blind spot when it comes to cybersecurity. Some SMB owners believe they are unlikely to be the target of hackers specifically because of their size; they assume hackers are more likely to target bigger enterprises with more information available to steal.

Research does not support this idea, however. In fact, according to Verizon's 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report, "43% of breaches involved small business owners."

In addition to storing sensitive information on laptops and desktops, today's small businesses rely heavily on mobile devices, like smartphones, to get work done.

Business smartphones, either provided by the business or the employee, are used for a range of commercial operations: inventory control, customer relations, advertising and marketing, banking and more. As such, they become repositories for valuable data that can be targeted by hackers and malware.

Taking the appropriate precautions to protect data is much like investing in an insurance policy, and most of it comes down to instilling best practices across your business, not investing in expensive products.  

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