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SuperEncryption Machines Used by Leading Politicians and Prime Ministers: DigitalBank Vault Tech

Political Campaigns are now hacked by superpower groups backed by foreign Governments. China and Russia are leading this trend.

Leading Politicians understand that they have to safeguard their secrets in a total secure way, because they cannot afford by any means, that sensitive data, may leak out and published online or used against them.

The same is true for Prime Ministers and Head of States. They are under strict digital surveillance of foreign intelligence agencies and also by their own respective countries and secret services. They too need some kind of privacy for storing data and exchanging private information with their circle of contacts.

Politicians are a moving target for hackers and foreign countries have the most sophisticated hacking tools available in the field, that no cyber security system can stop. No matter what your cyber security experts will convince you about, there is no way that hacking can be totally blocked.

Therefore politicians are using advanced encryption systems for preventing hackers from reading and exploit their secret information.

The issue is that encryption is always provided online, by some third parties clouds or servers, that create , store and manage the encryption keys for the client. This is a major cyber security failure.

Top Level Politicians are well aware of internal defectors and usually do not trust anyone within the political party, they usually see everyone as a potential rival. But when it comes to cyber security, they do trust a third party and this is a severe security issue. They should not.

Our company provides leading politicians worldwide, with an Offline, Air Gapped, SuperEncryption Systems and Machines, that works without any internet connection or servers. The encryption keys are generated by the user only, on the spot, when needed, and then permanently erased from the devices used. Encryption keys are never exchanged with counterparts.

If you are leading a political party or starting an election campaign and need Perfect Secrecy contact us for a free and confidential consultation at

Block Interception

Tapping, Surveillance,

Data Breaches & Ransomware

DigitalBank Vault® the new top-notch player in the Cyber Defense ground. DigitalBank Vault® provides sophisticated Digital Anti Surveillance & Anti Interception technologies: military-grade encryption systems for ultra-secure anonymous communication (voice, video & text messaging) with untraceable file transfers & impenetrable storage solutions
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