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Sweden 🇸🇪 EncroChat Criminal Lawyers under scrutiny for abuse of encrypted communications

In the autumn, the Stockholm Police Intelligence Unit released a report on criminal networks within organized crime in the region. Under the heading overall trends and phenomena, the police mention “Lawyers” as a point.

“Information from both Encrochat and other encrypted chats indicates that the phenomenon of criminal lawyers abusing the trust they are given by law is more widespread than previously known. It is well known that criminal networks use various forms of legal experts as facilitators, but for the law enforcement authorities it means a major threat that must be treated with extra care ”.

So far this year, three lawyers have been excluded by the Swedish Bar Association’s disciplinary committee. In addition, two lawyers have recently been convicted of serious crimes and decisions from the Swedish Bar Association’s disciplinary committee have not yet been announced.

In the name of the law, today takes a closer look at the past year’s exclusions, but also the issue of high cost bills and substitution.

In the program, you will hear lawyers, prosecutors, the Swedish Courts Administration and the Swedish Bar Association’s general secretary comment on the situation right now and what measures the society can take in the future.



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