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The boss of Kripos sounds the alarm – EncroChat & Sky ECC encrypted phones Mafia holds all the wires


French and Dutch police have hacked into two different encrypted telephone services.

EncroChat and Sky ECC would be impossible to eavesdrop on and criminals across Europe have communicated completely without filters.

EncroChat phones could only be purchased through the company’s website and on e-mail. Phones have been coded end-to-end and should be impossible to enter. It should come back completely wrong.

For the investigators of organized crime, access to uncensored cat logs was a treat and it was agreed that the police window now could provide many good opportunities for criminal cases and preventive measures.

Norwegian police have found data related to Norwegian users and can now draw a detailed picture of their criminal network. And although the police benefit from the information, the analysis is not good for him.


More than 50 criminal networks have been drawn up in Norway with hundreds of people involved. According to the book “Shadow Hunt”, by Malin Stensønes, as many as 1500 Norwegians involved in the material Kripos received from their hacked phones.

Kristin Kvigne believes that organized groups have taken control of much of the serious crime in Norway and that Kripos may point to certain culprits directed from Spain and Morocco.

The Norwegian trial where messages decrypted and evidence from the Sky ECC service are being leaked into the system, but in Sweden several of the cases have led to a conviction. In one case, it is clear how conversations about buying and selling drugs were conducted. Both EncroChat and Sky ECC were taken down after police revelations.

Through extensive investigations, Kripos has identified users of their services and fed their information into a comprehensive intelligence model.

On the other hand, there is a scary picture of how organized crime infiltrates our society and approaches institutions. Slowly but surely, the threat of organized crime has increased and as the fight continues, Kripos fears that one will approach points that are almost impossible to reverse.


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