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The $ 50,000 DigitalBank Private Crypto Vault by Adam Adler Cyber Defense Advisor

Adam Adler ( Cyber Warfare Advisor): DigitalBank Vault Limited is a Cyber Security Company that provides ultra-secure encryption solutions to the Blockchain, Fintech, and Communication Industries.

Ultra Secure Crypto Storage and Communication solutions are at the core of all that we do at DigitalBank.

The DigitalBank Crypto Vault is not a traditional crypto wallet provider, we supply sophisticated encryption systems for self-securing, privately, your crypto funds. You become your own CryptoBank.

The Personal DigitalBank Crypto Vault is the only 100% secured way, to save your Crypto Riches, for immediate use or for future generations. You are the direct owner of your Crypto Custody Platform. You are the only one controlling and managing it.

The DigitalBank Crypto Vault tech offers more privacy than any other form of private banking.

All other Crypto storage solutions such as Hardware Wallets, Cold Storage, Software Wallets, and Crypto Exchanges have total control over your money!

​Take Full Control of Your Personal Crypto Wealth. The DigitalBank Crypto Vault allows you independent control of your crypto assets. You are the only one that controls the private keys to your crypto funds. We set up for you the most advanced and sophisticated Crypto Custody Solution available, totally owned by you.

The DigitalBank Crypto Vault is not a hardware wallet, it is not a cold storage wallet, it is not an online wallet. This is a new form of ultra secured crypto storage, totally controlled by the user. We do not provide any direct crypto custody services, we provide you with the most advanced technological tools for managing your own crypto funds.

The DigitalBank Crypto Vault Technology is Enabling 100% secure custody of Digital Assets assets for the financial crypto industry. Nobody, besides you, has access to your Private Keys or Crypto Funds, at any given time.

Get Top-Level Security for Your Crypto Investment Now. Have total, end-to-end control over your cryptocurrency.

With the DigitalBank Crypto Vault, there is no third party involved, you run personally your unique crypto vault that never stores any private keys, at any given time.

The DigitalBank Vault Crypto Technology is solving urgent issues like Hacking of Crypto Exchanges and Wallets, the Loss of Access to Bitcoin and Crypto Accounts, the Physical Loss of Hardware Wallets and Paper wallets, Confiscation and Seizure of Crypto Accounts, Freeze and Block of Crypto Funds and many more problems connected to Crypto account holdings.

Individuals and Financial Institutions are now able to store and invest their digital assets and crypto wealth in an ultra-secure system, that will guarantee total control, privacy full anonymity to the account holder while storing wealth more securely than any bank in the World.

The DigitalBank System guarantees secured lifetime access to you and the people you decide to share the account with, including heirs. User can access their funds at any time, even years later. It doesn’t matter if the DigitalBank Crypto Vault System is lost, stolen, seized, or missing.

The DigitalBank System is an Encryption Platform for Securing the storage of Crypto and requires no technical skill at all. It is Impossible to lose funds due to user error.

This is the World's Most Secured & Anonymous Banking Technology available, allowing Ultra Secured Financial Assets Transfer, Transactions, and Custody.

There is a saying in the crypto world: if you don’t hold your private key, someone else does.

This has certainly been the case for cryptocurrency exchanges, where millions of user funds have been stolen in recent months. And even hardware wallets where the ‘wallet’ company controls ‘safely’ the user's private keys, they too have been hacked, again with millions in crypto being stolen.

Instead of generating and storing your private key, like all other wallets, the DigitalBank Vault Device, uses a different system: you generate your private key and you are the only one that has access to it.

No ” Keys ” never leaves your DigitalBank Vault System (so nothing can be intercepted). The Private Key is never stored on the device from the first place, it is actually generated by you, for a fraction of a second, just for ‘signing’ and transaction, and all are executed by using a personal, sophisticated algorithm unique only to you.

This means that each transaction is verified without exposing any sensitive information about the users involved.

The result is a near to unhackable air-gapped crypto custody platform and that is a huge step up in crypto security.


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