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The DigitalBank Crypto Custody Platform

Updated: Jul 9, 2021


DigitalBank Private Crypto Vault is the only 100% secured way, to save your Crypto Riches, for immediate use or for future generations.

​DigitalBank Vault offers more privacy than any other form of crypto banking.

All other Crypto storage solutions such as Hardware Wallets, Cold Storage, Software Wallets, and Crypto Exchanges has total control over your money

​Take Full Control of Your Personal Crypto Wealth . The DigitalBank Crypto Vault , allows you independent control of your crypto assets . You are the only one that control the private key to your crypto funds .

​The DigitalBank Vault Device is not an hardware wallet , it is not a cold storage wallet , it is not an online wallet . This is a new form of ultra secured crypto storage , totally controlled by the user . We do not provide any direct crypto custody services , we provide you with the most advanced technological tools for managing your own crypto funds .

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