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The DigitalBank Private Crypto Custody Platform for BTC Millionaires

Adam Adler Cyber Warfare Advisor: There are dozens of ‘hardware wallets ‘ none of them are fully secured because they actually create for you and store the private key in an encrypted way, inside their device so that they can be hacked and the private key extracted.

the Fort Knox of Bitcoin Storage

No matter how intelligent are their encryption systems, there will be always a wiser hacking team that will develop a more advanced way to bypass their system, this is an endless and never-ending process of updating security on those devices, creating new firmware updates, and on the other end, for the hackers to find new vulnerabilities and entry points.

The moment the hacker gets the private key of your wallet, he can get the funds on the blockchain.

In addition, all hardware wallets and online wallets involve a third party, which means the company that runs the hardware wallet holds backups of your private key, and as long as a third party has access to your private key, you are not safe, because your private key is found also in their hands and basically they can take hold of your crypto funds.

With the DigitalBank Crypto Banking Platform, there is no third party involved, because nobody will have access to your private key, at any given time. Our Crypto System is based on the ZERO TRUST standard.

In the DigitalBank Crypto Vault, the private key is not stored inside the device. There is nothing to hack actually.

The DigitalBank Crypto Vault is an ultra-sophisticated encryption platform that does not store and has no way to store private keys, therefore a hacking attack is almost impossible.

DigitalBank Crypto Technology brings the final solution to the high net worth individuals, who trust only themselves, need to secure their digital assets in total secrecy and anonymity while managing them easily on a simple interface.

The DBV Tech supplies a fully secured cryptocurrency custody solution to large investment firms and institutional investors.

It supplies the insurance companies with a huge new potential business of insuring cryptocurrency holdings of their clients.

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