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The DigitalBank Vault anti-tapping and anti-hacking protection solutions

Many providers of secure messengers claim that their product encrypts the messages that users exchange.

However, most of the server operators can still read the content of the messages due to the following reasons:

• Transport encryption only: usually only the connection between the mobile device and the server is encrypted, e.g. using SSL/TLS. While this means that messages cannot be intercepted while in transit over the network (a common problem in public WiFi hotspots), they are in an unencrypted format once they reach the server.

• End-to-end encryption without key verification by user: in this case, the provider claims that they utilize end-to-end encryption, but due to missing user interface functions, the user has no way to verify that another contact's public key really matches with the private key that is only known to that contact. Therefore, it is relatively easy for an operator to perform a MITM (man in the middle) attack by manipulating the automatic key exchange without being detected. Subsequently, they can decrypt and even forge exchanged messages.

DigitalBank Vault  hardware is specially selected with security in mind to guarantee the total security and top level privacy of communications and ensure no data breaches are possible  ,while preserving the core functionalities users expect from a regular  smartphone.

DigitalBank Vault , has a locked bootloader that makes any attempt to tweak the device, to automatically wipe all information from it, ensuring an additional security level protecting users from any attempts to manually extract information.

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