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The DigitalBank Vault Encryption Tech

The DigitalBank Encryption technology is based on a "One Time Pad Encryption", you can read about it on Google, by searching this term, and you will see that the encryption is unbreakable. 

The security concept is based on our Triple Zero Standard OOO 

Zero Trust:   The user is the one creating the encryption keys on the spot and no one else. He has the full control over the encrypted data. 

Zero Storage: Encryption keys are never stored on devices or servers. They are not stored anywhere at any given time. Without encryption keys, it's almost impossible to decipher an encrypted file. The encryption keys generated on the spot by the user are permanently erased after use. 

Zero-Knowledge:  All data transferred peer to peer is, of course, encrypted end to end, no encryption keys are ever exchanged between the parties. No Brute Force or Man in Middle Attacks are possible. Encryption keys are based on a One Time Pad Encryption concept. 

You can send the encrypted information ( files, docs, videos, images, audio, text) on any platform you prefer and currently use for communications ( Whatsapp, Linkedin, Telegram, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Signal, Wire, Gmail, Protonmail, Skype, etc.....). You can store the encrypted files wherever you want: Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud...

No one besides you can open it. In those regards, we invite you to try for free, our Encryption system for Android, encrypt a document or some other file, give it to your cybersecurity experts to crack. 

The DigitalBank Encryption System can be installed on Smartphones and Tablets. For the moment we have ready only the Android Version.  iOS Apple, Windows PC, and Mac versions are under work. 

The DigitalBank Vault Encryption Technology:




DigitalBank Vault Limited UK 

Irish Square, Upper Denbigh Road, St Asaph Denbighshire LL17 0RN, UK Company number 11988551 (Limited Liability Registered in UK & Wales) International Calls & Whatsapp  : +372 57347873 Telegram : @timothyweiss

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