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And since no indication has been given in this regard in the married judgment, it is for this reason that said insufficient evidence must be rejected, ground for appeal based on the violation of article 230-3 of the Code of Criminal Procedure in France.

In other words, it is necessary to show at least in a French court, and always within the narrow margin that the Reason of State that applies to this case leaves you, the technical details of the “hacking”, something that the political authorities from that country have systematically refused.

We are perhaps facing the greatest threat that criminal guarantees have suffered in the European Union, through the admission of evidence that has been assumed as a “dogma of faith” by many Western prosecutors and courts.

It is time to remember that right now there are two Spaniards deported to France by the National High Court based on a test, “Encrochat”, which is no longer accepted in France and even less so in Italy, since in the latter country the “Reason for State” of France has no legal implication, so the embarrassment that we Spanish jurists are acquiring with respect to the behavior of the National High Court and its Prosecutor’s Office in this regard knows no limits.

Those responsible for said deportations from Spain (Ministries of the Interior and Justice, Magistracy of the National High Court and attached Prosecutor’s Office) to France had the opportunity to put a stop to this excess towards criminal guarantees coming from France, preventing the aforementioned arbitrary deportations, and having been very well before his colleagues from other countries of the European Union, but no; in the end, we will arrive late and badly, as is usual in the Spanish Justice, and it will not be because we have not repeatedly pointed it out from this Opinion Forum in Confilegal.

At the moment Italy has advanced us first, then France, now Germany with its previous preliminary ruling…

How much longer will we have to wait for Spain to demand the return of the two Spaniards who are rotting in French prisons for evidence like that of “Encrochat” more false, criminally speaking, than a wooden euro…?


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