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Three people arrested for involvement with messaging service EncroChat

The police have arrested three people in the Netherlands for possible involvement in the company EncroChat, which supplied telephones with an encrypted message service.

The Public Prosecution Service says that the suspects have been guilty of money laundering, among other things. There were several searches last week, although no further statements have been made due to ongoing investigations.

The suspects will remain in custody for at least two weeks. The OM says they have been involved in “the criminal organization surrounding EncroChat”. The service was widely used by criminals to exchange messages.

Because the messages were sent and received encrypted via the service, many of them believed they were safe enough to talk freely about criminal activity. In 2020 it was announced that the Dutch and French police had hacked the service and that it could be read for years.

Hundreds of suspects have been arrested as a result of this in recent years.

Several lawsuits are currently pending in which the EncroChat messages are being used as evidence.


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