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To all Encrochat and Sky ECC Victims: there are still ways to communicate in full secrecy

The Hacking of both Encrochat and Sky ECC encrypted phones, left thousands of people without a secure way to protect their privacy. We are not speaking about the criminals arrested but rather the thousands of legit users like lawyers, accountants, VIPs, Celebs, CEOs that has been surprised by the hacking of what they believed, the most "unhackable" communication system.

Bear in mind that as long as you are connected to the internet, you can be hacked, especially because the encrypted phone service providers is channeling all the so called' end to end' encrypted data, through their servers.

Make no mistakes about this: as long as you are connected to the cellular network, even if you are using an anonymous SIM card, you can be easily interested.

The combination above mentioned is lethal to cyber security. There is no way to defend your most secret data, classified files transfers and communications while using an encrypted phone.

Leading Diplomats, and intelligence agencies are using only and exclusively Encryption Machines and not encrypted phones. These devices are almost always 'air gapped', working totally offline without the need to connect to any server.

This is exactly what we offer at ! For the first time, the most advanced and sophisticated encryption systems are available to the private sector. is working offline, without any server involvement, encryption keys are generated on the spot only by the user and never, ever exchanged with any other device or system.

If you are looking for a real cyber defense technology, used only by pros, in order to achieve total secrecy and privacy over data exchanges, Encryption Devices ( not encrypted phones) are the ultimate solution to your cyber needs.

Encrygma SuperEncryption Machines are the only tech that provides absolute supremacy over cyber espionage. The encryption system is what we call " above Govermment Level" , it means that even state sponsored hacking teams and foreign governments cannot decipher the SuperEncryption of DigitalBank Vault .

All those commercial offering of 'encrypted phones' are promising fake and dangerous secure communications. Make no mistakes about it, as long as you are using those phones, you are totally exposed to hacking. No matter what they will promise you. Just bear in mind that they always generate and manage the encryption keys for your secret conversations! Imagine that you are so idiot to give the keys to your most guarded secrets to a total stranger. How stupid can you get?

If you are a victim of Encrochat , Sky ECC or any of those fake encrypted phones, consult with us, try out for 30 days our SuperEncryption system, give the files encrypted to the best hackers you know, you will find out that the Encryption of Encrygma is really unbreakable.

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