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Two brothers jailed in Unsecured Encrypted Phones #EncroChat drugs conspiracy.


Two brothers who used encrypted phones to deal in massive amounts of heroin, amphetamines and cannabis have been jailed.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said that Martin Grant, 33 and Liam Grant, 25, both from Old Swan in Liverpool, conspired with each other to sell drugs on a large scale.

They also ran their own illegal enterprises with other people to sell drugs.

Martin Grant had the leading role in the conspiracy and was at the head of the enterprise. In the period of the investigation he dealt in cocaine, heroin, amphetamine and cannabis that had a potential value of around £900,000.

Liam Grant dealt mainly in cannabis, in amounts that had the potential value of £70,000.

Analysis of the encrypted phones also revealed that both Martin and Liam Grant discussed the use of violence to enforce their illegal drug business.

Martin Grant used the nicknames “Skin” and “Skinny”, while his brother Liam had the nicknames “Lil Skin”.

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