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Two #Encrochat & #Sky ECC traffickers absent from their trial, suspected of having fled to Morocco.

Two of the five suspects in a “mega-trial” against Moroccan brothers in The Hague, allegedly involved in drug trafficking, are suspected of having left the Netherlands for Morocco. The prosecution suspects the two brothers of continuing their lucrative trafficking from the kingdom.


The five brothers were arrested last year, recalls Omroep West, along with a former brother-in-law and an associate. Following a lengthy investigation, police had caught the suspects after hacking SKY ECC and Enchrochat messaging services, allowing them to establish that they were importing drugs from South America and allegedly sold in Europe, from a house in The Hague. In total, 8.5 million euros (88.96 million dirhams) had been seized from their homes, as well as drugs hidden in two cars.

The two wanted brothers, Abdelghani, 41, and Farid, 43, did not turn up on the first day of the hearing, which was held on Monday. They were free after the court suspended the provisional detention of the five men, however prohibiting them from leaving the territory.

The brothers are said to have a “strong network” active in drug trafficking in Morocco, which suggests that they traveled there to continue their activities, the prosecution said. “We have empty hands in Morocco”, regrets the public prosecutor, who stresses that the absence of an extradition treaty with Morocco makes them out of reach.

Investigators say Abdelghani was involved in transporting drugs to England and laundering more than 6 million euros (62.8 million dirhams), while his brother Farid arranged drug shipments from Peru , Colombia and Suriname, for a value of more than 4 million euros (41.87 million dirhams).


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